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I made and gifted several of these sweaters but I wanted to make one more for a dear friend, Alicia, as a sincere “thank you” for helping me adopt my new pup, Fozzie.  Fozzie has brought happiness into my home again after losing my beloved 14-year-old Edgar.

Alicia helps foster rescued German Shepherds and Miniature Pinschers as that is what her pack consists of.  She was a wealth of tips and ideas to help me get through the tough adjustment period for both dogs (Fozzie and Gonzo).  You see, all of her kids and fosters are rigorously trained.  But one special girl of hers is also an actress and has performed as “Bruiser” in a stage production of Legally Blonde.  She is aptly named “Diva” and she is the sweetest little thing who during her last visit to my home did nothing but snuggle with me.  She actually convinced me I could adopt a small dog… and in her own way helped me to adopt my Gonzo.

This special girl deserved a pink sweater… to get over her gender bending role.  Her Mom picked out the center panel of the Bon Bon cable, provided measurements and kept telling me how much Diva loved her sweaters and coats.  It took some time to complete as it was over the summer months but she finally received it in the mail… and had a fashion shoot!  Here she is in her hand knit sweater!

Miss Diva in her new pink sweater… center panel Bon Bon cable.

Side view showing side cable and moss stitch. This sweater was super easy and adaptable.

She makes it look good, don’t you think?!  Wear it in good health, Diva!


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Well, the winter being as big, bad, and ugly as it was… it did give me plenty of time to knit!  I made four more of the dog sweaters from my last post but changed out the center panel cable with different designs just to keep it interesting.

Here is the original honeycomb:

Now for Hugs n’ Kisses:

Then I had a couple of adorable girls to knit for… so I found the Bon Bon:

But there were challenges… here is my view of “knitter’s block”:

But I do have to thank my wonderful, patient, and loving model, Gonzo:




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Being a long time knitter… the daughter of a life long knitter and grand-daughter of a master knitter I see a problem and I figure out how to knit something to fix it.  Not that I am the “MacGyver” of knitting but why buy an overpriced item when you can make it?

I recently adopted a 5 pound Yorkshire Terrorist Terrier I named Gonzo (yes I have a Muppets theme) who came to me under nourished and shaved down.  He really had a sad back story; apparently, Gonzo’s former human (if we can call him/her that) kept him in a crate for the last year where he was allowed to urinate and defecate in there.  He wasn’t groomed (Yorkies don’t shed but have hair that keeps growing like ours) and was rarely let out and the result was a matted coat full of feces and urine.  After he was rescued his foster mom simply felt the easiest way was to hold him down and shave him.  After this event she worked with him to get him used to bathing, grooming, manners, etc.

Now I come into the picture and I know winter is coming and his coat is not growing as fast as we hoped so I start searching for patterns.  In my mind I was seeing him in an Irish knit so I limited my search to that style and found this free pattern: Red Heart’s Cabled Dog Sweater!  Being a fair intermediate level knitter I tackled this challenge easily.

Since my boy is so tiny and knitting tends to stretch this pattern’s small size was still going to be a bit big so I adjusted the needle size to a US6.  I also played with the length since I didn’t want it draping over his bum (I could have gone longer).  I did use Red Heart’s Aran yarn which makes up two.  I am planning on doing this in denim and another in pink as gifts.  It took me a week to finish the project (actually 5 days) but I don’t knit for hours on end because if I did I could whip this up in 2 days!

He loves it, by the way!  And be prepared to answer lots of questions… people come up to me and ask where I bought the sweater and the answer “I made it” leads to lots of additional questions!

As a bit of a side note, due to his abuse Gonzo is very untrusting of most people and the sweater has helped to boost his confidence.  He sees lots of people who are curious, kind and friendly.  Eventually we will get him more socialized but we are taking baby steps.  If you are not a dog person please ALWAYS ask if you or your child can pet a dog.  You never know what an animal’s back story is and for your safety and for the safety and well-being of the animal… ask.

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