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I had a garden that I just couldn’t maintain after my Mom’s passing… so it fell into disrepair (overtaken by weeds).  I had several pieces of statuary in the garden that were just hidden from view.   With all of the work done in the pool yard this season I decided, on the hottest day of the year, to liberate the statues and put them in the pool yard.

Although I have never been a fan of garden ornaments… I have found that there is a subtle balance needed when placing them and what style you decide on.  I tend to like subtle objects that are a surprise when discovered but don’t distract from my flowers.  After all, the flowers are the show and the statuary should be the backdrop or anchors.

Here are the existing pieces in the pool yard:

This meditating monk and turtle are right next to my seating area by the pool. Just so relaxing.

Now for one of the repurposed pieces:

I’ve always been a fan of obelisks!

And the other piece:

My meditation statue!

I now have 3 items in the yard in three distinct areas all separate from each other.  You will see that they are all monochromatic and very soothing; just my style.  I have seen very active and very abundant ornaments in gardens that work, too… and some that overwhelm because there is no theme, level of consistency or one focal point.  It all depends on the energy you want to bring out in yourself and your visitors.  The active gardens have lots of energy.  My gardens are my sanctuary and I want to relax and unwind.  Make sense?


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The gardens are starting to produce some produce!  As silly as it is, every little harvest makes me smile.  Some days it is just watering and weeding and sending the plants some encouragement but other days there are handfuls of beans or a summer squash or maybe even a pepper or two.  Every harvest brings a little victory but also has me looking up some recipes.  My one zucchini plant has produced 5 large squash already and another couple on the way so you have to get a bit creative.  Also, I have a mental note to only plant ONE plant because double this amount would have me dropping them off to all the neighbors!  Not that they would mind but I want to get the maximum variety for the space I am using.

Here is a shot of the gardens today:

Raised beds after 2.5 months of growth! Zucchini, Summer Squash, Green Peppers, White Peppers, Sage, Rosemary, Corn, Yellow Wax Beans and Eggplant!

cHere are some of the items harvested:

Summer and Zucchini Squash

Yellow Wax Beans

Patio Tomato

The herb garden today (albeit after a harvest of oregano):

Herb garden (mid-July) and although it looks a bit messy… the plants are all thriving. Comfrey and baby’s breath join in with the culinary herbs of basil, oregano, sage, thyme, and onion.

Some of the herbs harvested:

Sage and Thyme

Happy gardening!!

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There is nothing better than spring here at Fisher Farm!  After another brutal winter it is always a happy day when the first flowers bloom.  I am sure the neighbors think I am nuts clicking pictures but I use them on my computer desktop or share them with fellow gardeners and friends.  Here are a few of my favorites…

Lilacs which waft on the breeze and smell amazing!  Sadly they are here for such a short time:

Mom’s Peony which bloomed for the first time the year she passed… this year I got two blooms!

These peonies are a bit different from others I have seen as they close at night:

The mailbox garden with Cheddar Pinks, Blue Bells and Salvia:

And the final shots are of my beloved clematis vines:

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This was a quick afternoon project that took a little thought and the ability to tie a square knot.  Other than that, it was quick and easy!  This was a wind chime that was my Mom’s.  After a severe windstorm early this spring one of the cylinders broke off as well as the clapper and wind catcher.  A trip to the local hardware store for some nylon string the problem was nearly solved.

The original broken cylinder no longer had the string so I removed the next cylinder and kept it in order from the original broken cylinder.  Using the salvaged string I now had a rough measure to cut a new replacement strings so they would all hang about the same distance from the ring.  I needed six so I cut them all at the same time.  I then strung the original missing cylinder and hid the knot in the tube.  Continuing around in order I replaced the remaining cord so it would all be new and fresh.  This would guarantee that it would hold up another 10 years.  The final piece was the center cord which holds the clapper (that makes the cylinders make noise) and the wind catcher.  This required a larger knot so the clapper wouldn’t slip down the string.

The final product was a happy sounding chime that reminds me of my Mother’s smile.  I had it all fixed and hung in time for her birthday this year making it extra special.

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After the raised beds were up and planted… I moved on to the next project.  I needed to replace the planter at the end of the pool.  The planter was one that my Mom had purchased for my birthday several years ago and it had served its purpose and was on its last legs.  So, with an online sale, I found a replacement that might last a bit longer near water.  I chose a replacement made of PVC materials.  It was a bit smaller so I had to work out the differences but overall I am pleased with the result.

Here is the original planter:

As you can see, it really was in poor shape:

This is what I call the “big ugly” that I have to hide to protect little feet that run around the pool.  It was the original diving board mount:

Here is the planter.  I used some weed fabric so that it would hold the soil in place.  The planter had some substantial gaps that soil would have fallen through easily.  The duct tape was used to simply hold up the sides to make the filling easier.  It eventually pulls away or is hidden by the soil.  Be sure to use container soil for your planters!

Once filled and planted and my Pembroke Welsh Corgi garden art back in the place of honor:

I did add a couple of small trellises behind my Top Hat blueberry bushes and planted some morning glories.  This will add height to the planter and a pop of color.  They are a bit hard to see but once the vines climb I will add a picture.

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After a very productive trip to my favorite herb farm I brought home some treasures including peppers, beans, eggplant, and corn.  Not sure what will come of the plantings but hoping for the best!  I threw in some herbs… sage, basil and rosemary for good measure.

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This spring marks the 3rd anniversary of my Mom’s passing and sadly I knew I had to part with one of her prized possessions… her glider swing.  It has been with us for well over 20 years and it really was no longer safe to use.  Once I came to terms with my decision a plan started to form.  I have always wanted more gardening space and this was prime real estate!   A couple of phone calls and text messages later… a friend came to my rescue with a chain saw and the games began!

Here is the before with Mom’s old glider swing:

Fozzie helping with the demolition:

Now the blank space:

Once the pavers were up (Fozzie supervising):

The stack of pavers – my back is killing me:

Leveling out the area:

The raised beds built and some pavers down for spacing.  These are 3×3′ beds from Gardeners.com.  The black PVC material will warm up the beds on cold mornings faster than wood wich will assist with early planting.  I felt that the 3×3 would give me better planting/ maintaining/ harvesting capability than the other size options available.

Considering my yard is overrun with bunnies… and I own a terrier now, I had to make a plan to keep them both out of the beds.   The bed sides are 10″ deep and a trip to Home Depot found these border fences of 18″ which so be good to deter both bunnies AND puppies. Plus, I like that they match the beds.  The black will fade to the background and the plants will be nicely featured.

Final product of beds filled with 8 cubic feed of garden soil each.  They are ready and waiting for a run to my favorite herb farm:

I think Mom would be happy with the results.  Happy Mother’s Day to you, Mom… I miss you!

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