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When hosting an adoption day party for a dog… it is important to have treats and cake for the four-legged guests .  I looked around at the local specialty stores for pets and found overpriced disasters with mystery ingredients.  Some were cute but I opted to make the treats so that it would be a healthier option.  A quick search on the internet yielded a couple of recipes that turned out to be the hit of the party so I figured I would share!

First, I purchased several cookie cutters from Sur le Table.  Most of these cutters were going to be party favors as I already had a dog bone shaped cutter but I added the little dog and the fire hydrant… to make things fun.  Then I found an easy recipe using things I have on hand.  I only had to purchase the whole wheat flour.  The pup-cookies recipe can be found here.  These were super easy to make and can be made ahead of time.  Just be sure they are completely cool before offering them to the fur-kids.  They were a huge hit at the party!

I use a pie sheet which makes the dough easy to roll out and cut.

Fun shapes!

What is really great… you can use up every last bit of this dough to make the most of it.  It doesn’t care how many times you roll it out!  No waste!!

The pup-cakes recipe can be found here.  This recipe can be used to make a traditional cake or cupcakes.  I chose the cupcakes and renamed them pup-cakes!  I wish I had more time to find better liners but the recipe was perfect.  I only had one banana so I added another 1/2 cup of unsweetened applesauce.  Worked like a champ.  I will tell you that the fur-kids will consider this a meal.  Just be sure to not let them over indulge.  They also freeze beautifully.  The frosting recipe is imbedded in the link above.  It whipped up quickly and easily with room temp cream cheese.

Can’t really go wrong with banana and peanut butter!

Happy baking (for every member of your family)!


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It has been one year since I adopted this little ball of energy and while we have had our ups and our downs over that year I think we are both in a better place.

First day in his “forever” home and 3 months post rescue. His foster had to shaved him down due to the matting.

Gonzo was an abuse rescue and private adoption.   He was crated for such long periods of time he was trained to soil his crate (something we still battle today)   Due to the conditions he was kept in, he was matted and caked with feces and soaked in urine.   The matting forced his foster to shave him down and the urine caused skin burns which persisted for months.  A vet visit found him sound except for two baby canines still in his mouth along with the adult canines, very underweight and suffering from a severe lack of socialization.  He was so fearful of people and restraining holds of any type it made me fear he would never fully recover.

Making friends! Fozzie was the deciding factor on adopting Gonzo. He has been a patient and protecting “big” brother ever since.

Well, a year and a lot of patience has earned him confidence, a good weight, a proper coat, loss of those baby teeth (without surgery – way to go G!) and the nickname “Terrorist” since he attempts to run the entire household.  Due to his size his efforts in world dominance are quite comical.  A wonderful groomer took him on and after 2 visits she had him on the table and after 5 she had him used to trimming with scissors.  After changing groomers (back injury) and giving new groomer the run-down… it was July of this year he had his first buzz cut (electric clippers) and was deemed not as bad as I made him out to be.  Now that is some improvement!

His coat wasn’t growing in fast enough so I had to knit him sweaters to help with the winter cold. Dashing, isn’t he?

Now with my “pack” complete… I thought it was high time for a party.  It was time to celebrate many things; my purchase of the house, the settlement of the estate, the adoption of Fozzie and then Gonzo, and many other small victories.  So we celebrated!  After an easy feast of burgers, dogs, turkey burgers, pasta salad and watermelon… we ALL had cake.  Each guest got a gift bag complete with two dog-themed cookie cutters, a small baggie of freshly baked pup-cookies, and recipes for the pup-cakes and pup-cookies.  Most also left with extra pup-cakes sans the frosting.

These are homemade pupcakes! Recipe to follow in another post. The candle says “King for a Day!” which is a bit covered in the frosting! The party goers LOVED them!

This is the people cake! It was a big hit with the human party-goers! Costco really has the best bakery!

I have to say I was very nervous adopting such a small dog in such a sad state but I am very glad I did.  He is so loving and fun that he makes me smile even when the world seem against me.  Who can argue with that?!

Gonzo with his favorite gift… Octavia the Octopus! He is cute…

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Well, the winter being as big, bad, and ugly as it was… it did give me plenty of time to knit!  I made four more of the dog sweaters from my last post but changed out the center panel cable with different designs just to keep it interesting.

Here is the original honeycomb:

Now for Hugs n’ Kisses:

Then I had a couple of adorable girls to knit for… so I found the Bon Bon:

But there were challenges… here is my view of “knitter’s block”:

But I do have to thank my wonderful, patient, and loving model, Gonzo:




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Being a long time knitter… the daughter of a life long knitter and grand-daughter of a master knitter I see a problem and I figure out how to knit something to fix it.  Not that I am the “MacGyver” of knitting but why buy an overpriced item when you can make it?

I recently adopted a 5 pound Yorkshire Terrorist Terrier I named Gonzo (yes I have a Muppets theme) who came to me under nourished and shaved down.  He really had a sad back story; apparently, Gonzo’s former human (if we can call him/her that) kept him in a crate for the last year where he was allowed to urinate and defecate in there.  He wasn’t groomed (Yorkies don’t shed but have hair that keeps growing like ours) and was rarely let out and the result was a matted coat full of feces and urine.  After he was rescued his foster mom simply felt the easiest way was to hold him down and shave him.  After this event she worked with him to get him used to bathing, grooming, manners, etc.

Now I come into the picture and I know winter is coming and his coat is not growing as fast as we hoped so I start searching for patterns.  In my mind I was seeing him in an Irish knit so I limited my search to that style and found this free pattern: Red Heart’s Cabled Dog Sweater!  Being a fair intermediate level knitter I tackled this challenge easily.

Since my boy is so tiny and knitting tends to stretch this pattern’s small size was still going to be a bit big so I adjusted the needle size to a US6.  I also played with the length since I didn’t want it draping over his bum (I could have gone longer).  I did use Red Heart’s Aran yarn which makes up two.  I am planning on doing this in denim and another in pink as gifts.  It took me a week to finish the project (actually 5 days) but I don’t knit for hours on end because if I did I could whip this up in 2 days!

He loves it, by the way!  And be prepared to answer lots of questions… people come up to me and ask where I bought the sweater and the answer “I made it” leads to lots of additional questions!

As a bit of a side note, due to his abuse Gonzo is very untrusting of most people and the sweater has helped to boost his confidence.  He sees lots of people who are curious, kind and friendly.  Eventually we will get him more socialized but we are taking baby steps.  If you are not a dog person please ALWAYS ask if you or your child can pet a dog.  You never know what an animal’s back story is and for your safety and for the safety and well-being of the animal… ask.

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After losing my Edgar last spring it took me a long time to decide if I could open my heart to another dog.  A neighbor brought home two new puppies and after a meet and greet with them… I got the puppy bug again.  For those of you who might not be dog or pet owners… there is nothing quite like a puppy greeting at the door after a long day, or having your dog as your co-pilot in the car for errands, or even the unconditional love they give you by curling up next to you and putting their head on your lap.

No matter how much I missed the companionship, I didn’t want to go through the whole puppy training thing.  I also wanted to rescue a dog… it was an important aspect in my search.  Being familiar with the breed I decided to reach out to a rescue group that specializes in Corgis; Mayflower Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club.  I had stumbled on their site while researching breeders before we got Edgar and I had kept their link all these years.

After submitting a well thought out application (available on their site), I was contacted by the head coordinator and then a regional coordinator… they had a dog that they felt would be an ideal match.  It is important to realize that any adoption has to work for both the adopting parent and the pup and the work of the coordinators is to fit you both together for success.  This process includes several calls and a home evaluation and ultimately a decision by both the adopter and the coordinator.

On Sunday January 27th a friend and I drove some distance to pick up the newest family member.  Here is our first meeting.  He is more interested in the camera (what a ham!)

Now that 2 weeks have gone by, I am happy to report that Fozzie is settling in to the new home, new routine and new housemates very well.  He is such a love and while he still needs lots of attention to reassure him that no more major changes will be happening anytime soon, he is finally responding to lots of love and positive reinforcement training.    We have plans for an obedience class to help him with socialization and some commands… and see how he might handle getting into agility!

As you can see from the pictures of him scaling snowbanks after the Blizzard of 2013… he is fearless!!

Welcome home Fozzie Bear!

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Although a bit late, I wanted to wish everyone a Happy Halloween!  The festivities here were a bit subdued… we only had one doorbell run but it had about 10 ghosts and goblins lined up for treats… Edgar really loves this holiday except for getting dressed in a costume, of course!


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Patio Doggy Door

This was a must have.  My dog was spending long days at home while I was at work.  There were times he was not able to hold himself until I got home to let him out.  With the need for security in the summer and now with the need to keep heat in during the winter months, a solution had to be found.  After searching the internet for possibilities this product was found.  With some simple research to be sure it was energy-efficient and some measuring to be sure it would fit properly, the purchase was made.  What helped was that the site was offering free delivery for items over a certain price – score!


Installation was a small nightmare.  It said it could be installed by one person and that was true.  However, the directions were not clear, often out of sequence and required several steps to be redone which causes frustration.  Additionally, the lock style on my door did not match any of those described so I had to improvise.  All in all, it is installed and I am happy with it.  It could have gone a lot more smoothly.  Just saying.

This door is also listed as a medium… it would have been helpful for the product to give breed examples in order to insure the right size was purchased.  This one is snug for Edgar but he is used to a much bigger door which has made it feel a bit small for him.  As for using it… the door flap style is 3 fold which makes Edgar work harder to get out… but since  he already had a doggy door on the screened porch not much training was needed.  I did have to provide some stairs to assist him to make the leap in and out of the house… he is short, after all.  What is most important… he doesn’t have to be a prisoner in the house all day if he doesn’t want to.  He does like to patrol his yard!

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