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It has been one year since I adopted this little ball of energy and while we have had our ups and our downs over that year I think we are both in a better place.

First day in his “forever” home and 3 months post rescue. His foster had to shaved him down due to the matting.

Gonzo was an abuse rescue and private adoption.   He was crated for such long periods of time he was trained to soil his crate (something we still battle today)   Due to the conditions he was kept in, he was matted and caked with feces and soaked in urine.   The matting forced his foster to shave him down and the urine caused skin burns which persisted for months.  A vet visit found him sound except for two baby canines still in his mouth along with the adult canines, very underweight and suffering from a severe lack of socialization.  He was so fearful of people and restraining holds of any type it made me fear he would never fully recover.

Making friends! Fozzie was the deciding factor on adopting Gonzo. He has been a patient and protecting “big” brother ever since.

Well, a year and a lot of patience has earned him confidence, a good weight, a proper coat, loss of those baby teeth (without surgery – way to go G!) and the nickname “Terrorist” since he attempts to run the entire household.  Due to his size his efforts in world dominance are quite comical.  A wonderful groomer took him on and after 2 visits she had him on the table and after 5 she had him used to trimming with scissors.  After changing groomers (back injury) and giving new groomer the run-down… it was July of this year he had his first buzz cut (electric clippers) and was deemed not as bad as I made him out to be.  Now that is some improvement!

His coat wasn’t growing in fast enough so I had to knit him sweaters to help with the winter cold. Dashing, isn’t he?

Now with my “pack” complete… I thought it was high time for a party.  It was time to celebrate many things; my purchase of the house, the settlement of the estate, the adoption of Fozzie and then Gonzo, and many other small victories.  So we celebrated!  After an easy feast of burgers, dogs, turkey burgers, pasta salad and watermelon… we ALL had cake.  Each guest got a gift bag complete with two dog-themed cookie cutters, a small baggie of freshly baked pup-cookies, and recipes for the pup-cakes and pup-cookies.  Most also left with extra pup-cakes sans the frosting.

These are homemade pupcakes! Recipe to follow in another post. The candle says “King for a Day!” which is a bit covered in the frosting! The party goers LOVED them!

This is the people cake! It was a big hit with the human party-goers! Costco really has the best bakery!

I have to say I was very nervous adopting such a small dog in such a sad state but I am very glad I did.  He is so loving and fun that he makes me smile even when the world seem against me.  Who can argue with that?!

Gonzo with his favorite gift… Octavia the Octopus! He is cute…


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