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When hosting an adoption day party for a dog… it is important to have treats and cake for the four-legged guests .  I looked around at the local specialty stores for pets and found overpriced disasters with mystery ingredients.  Some were cute but I opted to make the treats so that it would be a healthier option.  A quick search on the internet yielded a couple of recipes that turned out to be the hit of the party so I figured I would share!

First, I purchased several cookie cutters from Sur le Table.  Most of these cutters were going to be party favors as I already had a dog bone shaped cutter but I added the little dog and the fire hydrant… to make things fun.  Then I found an easy recipe using things I have on hand.  I only had to purchase the whole wheat flour.  The pup-cookies recipe can be found here.  These were super easy to make and can be made ahead of time.  Just be sure they are completely cool before offering them to the fur-kids.  They were a huge hit at the party!

I use a pie sheet which makes the dough easy to roll out and cut.

Fun shapes!

What is really great… you can use up every last bit of this dough to make the most of it.  It doesn’t care how many times you roll it out!  No waste!!

The pup-cakes recipe can be found here.  This recipe can be used to make a traditional cake or cupcakes.  I chose the cupcakes and renamed them pup-cakes!  I wish I had more time to find better liners but the recipe was perfect.  I only had one banana so I added another 1/2 cup of unsweetened applesauce.  Worked like a champ.  I will tell you that the fur-kids will consider this a meal.  Just be sure to not let them over indulge.  They also freeze beautifully.  The frosting recipe is imbedded in the link above.  It whipped up quickly and easily with room temp cream cheese.

Can’t really go wrong with banana and peanut butter!

Happy baking (for every member of your family)!


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