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I made and gifted several of these sweaters but I wanted to make one more for a dear friend, Alicia, as a sincere “thank you” for helping me adopt my new pup, Fozzie.  Fozzie has brought happiness into my home again after losing my beloved 14-year-old Edgar.

Alicia helps foster rescued German Shepherds and Miniature Pinschers as that is what her pack consists of.  She was a wealth of tips and ideas to help me get through the tough adjustment period for both dogs (Fozzie and Gonzo).  You see, all of her kids and fosters are rigorously trained.  But one special girl of hers is also an actress and has performed as “Bruiser” in a stage production of Legally Blonde.  She is aptly named “Diva” and she is the sweetest little thing who during her last visit to my home did nothing but snuggle with me.  She actually convinced me I could adopt a small dog… and in her own way helped me to adopt my Gonzo.

This special girl deserved a pink sweater… to get over her gender bending role.  Her Mom picked out the center panel of the Bon Bon cable, provided measurements and kept telling me how much Diva loved her sweaters and coats.  It took some time to complete as it was over the summer months but she finally received it in the mail… and had a fashion shoot!  Here she is in her hand knit sweater!

Miss Diva in her new pink sweater… center panel Bon Bon cable.

Side view showing side cable and moss stitch. This sweater was super easy and adaptable.

She makes it look good, don’t you think?!  Wear it in good health, Diva!


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